Why does UNESCO say that JUDO is the most suitable sport for kids?

All Judo lovers know that one of the greatest lessons of the sport is already in its own name. The “Gentle Way” transcends sports practice and becomes a way of life.

UNESCO, the United Nations arm for education, science and culture, also highlights judo as a sport that enables healthy relationships with others, using the game and fighting as a dynamic integrator.

In addition, according to the UNESCO study, judo is the best initial training sport for children and young people from four to twenty-one years old as it promotes a comprehensive physical education.

The sport allows, through regular knowledge and practice of the same, the improvement of all psychomotor possibilities: spatial location, perspective, ambidextrous, laterality, play, pull, push, crawl, jump, roll, fall, joint and independent coordination of both hands and feet, among others.

Check out some benefits of Judo:
– Develop the body;
– Improves health;
– It develops agility, balance, speed, coordination and flexibility;
– Develop discipline;
– Develops the ability to analyze the reality that surrounds you;
– Develop values such as honesty, humility, solidarity and respect;
– Develop self-confidence and self-defense;
– Develop self-esteem and avoid bullyng;
– Strengthens the spirit.

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